Hello, I’m Darathtey, the person behind Word & Visual. I’m a communications professional currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. 


I have more than 7 years of experience in communications. I started as a translator and interpreter followed by a brief stint at a digital marketing agency; then I advocated for Cambodian arts and culture at non-profit Cambodian Living Arts, before defending and promoting children’s rights at UNICEF, and later practicing international relations and public diplomacy at the British Embassy in Phnom Penh. This journey has taught me a wide range of skills, and given me the opportunities to develop and refine them across a wide range of different contexts. I strongly believe that effective communications have a huge impact on changing the world for the better.

Darathtey Din

My Expertise

Strategic Communications

I am confident in my ability to ask the right questions when working with organisations on their communications strategy. I believe in creating a strategy that can be implemented efficiently in order to deliver real results.

Media Relations

Both in Cambodia and regionally in Southeast Asia, I am well connected with the media community. As a result, I can tap into a range of resources and networks whenever I need certain media coverage or to expand my knowledge from the community.

Stakeholder Management

In my previous roles, I worked with a wide range of stakeholders including high-ranking government officials, civil society and journalists to achieve my organisation's objectives. I am able to work with partners from different backgrounds, and to connect them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Social Media Management

I have spent years doing everything from copywriting to graphic design to content planning. My experience of working with different types of organisations has given me great adaptability and flexibility, allowing me to engage effectively with a broad range of audiences.

My Works

Political Reporting and Public Diplomacy Officer  -  Diplomatic Mission

I researched, reported, and analysed political developments and events in Cambodia. I was a policy lead for projects related to illegal wildlife trade, media freedom, women’s empowerment and human rights. I developed communications strategies and managed all communication platforms, including social media and a website. I trained staff on social media literacy, and managed two other team members who assisted me in project management and political reporting.

Digital Media Lead - International Non-Governmental Organisation

I was a Digital Lead for a massive international development organisation. I managed their social media platforms and analysed their data to measure audience engagement, working toward meeting KPIs. I wrote human-interest stories for the blog and donors as well as newsletters. I assisted the communications team in designing and implementing the organisation’s youth engagement strategy and social media strategy.

Communications Coordinator - Local Arts Organisation

I designed and coordinated the production of general marketing content including annual reports, brochures, flyers, posters, and more. I managed the organisation’s digital communication channels, which included maintaining the website and contact database; and creating and reporting on social media activity. I worked with local media to maximise our press coverage and to find new opportunities.

Social Media Manager - Boutique Digital Marketing Agency

I managed social media for various clients, mostly from the hospitality and entertainment sectors. I worked with the Account Manager to execute all social media activities - from content creation to audience engagement to performance evaluation.