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Word & Visual is a one-stop-shop for all your communications questions and needs.

We help organisations developing their communications strategy and build their brands through social media marketing and effective public relations. Whether you are after a quick second opinion or a full media strategy, we can help to create, refine, and develop the communications tools your organisation needs to succeed.



Strategic Communications

A clear communications strategy is essential to reach the right audiences and to achieve your goals.

Social Media Management

Essential to any organisation’s brand and communications strategy: Let us help you to leverage your current platforms or to create and manage new ones to achieve your desired outcomes.

Media Relations

We can help you to amplify your social media communications by getting your story onto other communications platforms.

Brand Visibility Consulting

Good branding means people recognise you more quickly, remember you for longer, and get a sense of your vision and values. To archive that, you need a strong visual identity.

Hello, I'm Darathtey, 

the person behind Word & Visual. I’m a flexible and adaptable communications professional with a wide range of skills. I truly enjoy writing compelling narratives; creating fun, informative, and eye-catching visuals, and telling stories through photography.

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